Hempcrete Alternative

Hempcrete vs. Stonefiber

Comparing Stonefiber and Hempcrete:

In its simplest form, hempcrete is hemp hurd aggregate from specific fiber varieties mixed with water and cementitious binder, typically a natural hydraulic lime or natural cement.

Stonefiber panels are similar to hempcrete panels, but with bioaggregates from a variety of sources instead of just hemp hurd.

At our Northern California manufacturing location, we’ve designed our process and products around wood chips from CWD (coarse woody debris) and urban wood waste.

Benefits of Stonefiber vs. Hempcrete

Due to our patented ClearWash™ process, these wood debris aggregates provide superior performance when compared to the traditional hemp hurd. Benefits include…

  • Higher internal porosity (higher R-value),
  • Reduced curing time in hydraulic and pozzolanic binders, and
  • Guaranteed mold free

Stonefiber is a better alternative to Hempcrete

When regular hemp hurd gets wet, hemicellulose and other constituents leach into the mix design – these sugars promote mold growth and inhibit ceramic hydration and prevent optimal curing conditions. The benefits of the ClearWash™ process can be applied to a variety of woody biomass sources including hemp and all of its varieties including CBD, annual fibers, and all bast fibers. At the moment, wood debris is the most robust source capable of addressing the bottom line nature of construction materials.

Stonefiber Hempcrete
Performance Guarantee & Product Warranty Yes No
Curing Time 24 hours 1 month
Guaranteed Mold Free Yes No
Fiber Source Forest Debris or Ag Residue Fiber Variety Hemp