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The first scalable ag waste to construction materials company.

Although there are over 900 million dry tons of biomass available in the United States every year, the majority of this carbon sink material is left wasted to decompose.

The key to securing this vast source of biogenic carbon storage, and utilizing this bountiful source of material lies in our patented ClearWash™ process.

ClearWash™ standardizes the diverse source of biomass waste to meet a threshold % internal porosity, removes sugars present in all biomass that inhibit bonding with cementitious binders, and sterilizes mold and fungus from field retting and improper storage. By sourcing waste instead of grow-for-use, we are able to provide the most cost-effective bioaggregates in the United States. As of 2023, we’re making our low carbon concrete blocks with hemp and softwood forestry debris.

We pass these savings onto you in our line of biocrete blocks called Stonefiber. Our sustainable, carbon-negative building materials come in prefabricated hempcrete bricks of varying size for quick and easy installation in commercial and residential buildings. The blocks can be deployed as ICF, subfloor, roof, wall insulation, or nonstructural partition walls. We’re also developing a low carbon concrete masonry unit (CMU) for commercial applications.

Robust, reliable & sustainable materials

Supply Chain

Aggregates made from agriculture residues

IBC & IRC Compliant

Compliance with national residential building code


Product warranty backed by professional engineers stamp

Carbon Negative

Blocks remove carbon from the environment

Sustainable materials designed to exceed expectations

Healthier Alternative

  • Subfloor, Wall, Siding, & Roof Products

  • No EPS/XPS Rigid Foam Insulation

  • Water Barrier + Vapor Regulation

  • Carbon Negative Material

  • Partially Made Using Recycled Materials

  • CA Title 24 Compliance

Increased Performance

  • R-5 to R-50

  • Acoustic Insulation

  • Class A1 Fire Resistant

  • 2x Thermal Mass of Concrete

  • Mold and Mildew Resistance

  • Easy to Shape and Cut

Test Results
Pressed Hempcrete Bricks - Buy Hempcrete Blocks - Green Insultation and Carbon-Negative Construction Materials

Saving the world, one block at a time


Carbon emissions (CO2e) reduction


Of agriculture waste salvaged


Blocks sold to-date

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